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Computer Lecture Series

Learning the Computer: The Fundamentals

  • Computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets, mobile computing, the cloud, software, apps, social media

  • A bewildering world of technology

  • This course will help you understand the big picture and add core skills necessary to do well in your use of technology

  • Understand "techno-babble" and terminology, manage privacy and security, remove viruses

  • Learn to do computer tune-ups to keep your technology running efficiently and fix minor problems

  • Learn to protect your documents and pictures and different methods of "backing up"

  • PowerPoint Presentations. Windows, Google, and Mac users welcome

FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn... and Other Social Media

  • Social media is changing ways we connect, communicate, and do business.

  • What are the top social media programs and apps?

  • How do you use them and have fun?

  • Learn how to set up a Facebook account, create a profile, set privacy preferences, upload pictures and videos, post messages, and more
  • What are Twitter and #Hashtags?
  • How do you Tweet?
  • Other social media channels will be explored, including LinkedIn, Pinterest, Meetup, and Google+
  • This class uses PowerPoint and online demonstrations
Earlier Event: September 11
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