This free lecture series is held in the Parish Hall, Mondays from 1:00–2:30 Sept 11 through Dec 11, 2017.     

Jewish Roots of Christianity (Rabbi Yeshua's Jewish Roots). 

Explrore Christianity's relationship to Judaism in the cultural context of the Middle Eastern world and the nature of Judaism in the time of Jesus.

What are the original Jewish settings, Jewish idioms and expressions of that time? This series will examine Jesus' words in a Jewish context with a focus is on the historical Jesus rather than the theological Jesus and the Jewish roots of Christianity.

The re-Judaizing of Jesus will help to understand Jesus sayings and the Jewishness of Jesus, the cornerstone of the Christian faith.

Lecturer:  Lon Halley 530-345-4444,

For additional information contact Bill Augros at 895-9229 or at