2017 Year in Review

It's been an incredible year at Faith Lutheran! Below you can watch a video of some of the highlights how Faith has lived out of five priorities of nurturing children, creating inspiring worship, equipping people with faith for daily living, making people feel like they belong, and serving the needs of the world.

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And while I am moved with gratitude to look at the past year, I am filled with excitement for the year to come. This congregation is at a moment of tremendous opportunity. Our strength of spirit is matched by a strong financial footing. We have a clear vision and a growing congregation with a will to serve. The question now is where do we put our time, talents, and treasure to best expand our capacity to live out our vision? The congregation has named five priorities; all of them are essential, all of them are currently being carried out in some capacity, and all of them are areas which we live out more fully. We have the opportunity to grow in our ministry, but we cannot effectively grow in all five areas at once. The question for the summer is which of the five parts of the vision should we prioritize for the year to come?

The Stewardship Team has put together a great video interviewing some of the folks at Faith about this question.

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The question of where to focus our energy in the upcoming year is one Stewardship Team will be asking you in the months ahead. Throughout the summer, we have planned meetings for people to gather in groups of twelve to discuss where they feel the Spirit calling our community. We want to know, not just which of the five areas you feel God placing on your heart, but what living into that part of our vision would actually look like to you. Once we feel we have a clear sense of not only which area we want to focus on in the coming year, but a concrete plan, we will ask for your support in service, tithing, and prayer, to turn our shared vision into a reality.

There are sign up sheets for these meeting at the entrance of the sanctuary. You can also share your insights with us online with this survey.

Thank you for helping us live out the blessing which God has called us to be for Chico and beyond.

John Reed