Oroville Evacuation Relief: A Call for Musicians

Dear Members of Faith Lutheran, As the winter storms fill Lake Oroville and so many of our community are forced to flee their homes, we find our hope in Christ who calms the waters. And we remember, that we as the church are called to be Christ's body and to participate in providing that peace in the midst of fear.

We have offered Faith Lutheran's building to the county as an evacuation site, have checked in with our members in affected areas, and have been in contact with the existing shelters as to what help they need. At the moment, the Red Cross at the Silver Dollar Fair Grounds says that the best way that we can help would be to lift spirits through the blessing of music.

And so, we are putting out a call for musicians! Whether you play an instrument or sing, if you are able to spend some time today and possibly tomorrow sharing uplifting music with refugees at the Silver Dollar Fair Grounds, please contact Raquel Krach. You can either round up a group of your friends and go down as a band, or, let Raquel know that you're interested, what type of music you can provide, and what time you're free, and she'll connect you with other folks who match your gifts and availability.

Blessings to you all, you are the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

Pastor Ben

John Reed