FACE Wednesday class series commemorates Luther and Reformation

Martin Luther & the Protestant Reformation: Looking at our Heritage

This Halloween marks the 500th anniversary of Luther’s declaration of reformation of the Roman Catholic church in Europe and the eventual establishment of a “Lutheran” church. But it’s also part of a larger movement that had been brewing in Europe for at least 200 years that moved western culture into a new, modern era. Join us for a look at how the events in Wittenberg half a millennium ago changed the way the church thought about its relationship with Christ, and how issues debated in Germany and elsewhere during that time shaped the modern world that we now call home. Our class leaders will be Faith Lutheran clergy and lay leaders as well as faculty from Whitman College, Simpson College and CSU Chico.


Each Wednesday evening beginning on 13 September and through the week before Thanksgiving we will gather for dinner at 5:45 in the Parish Hall; hold our class from 6:30-7:30 p.m.; and close the evening with a short worship service. All are welcome!

Class participants may purchase one of the two recommended books for the class after the Sunday service on September 10 or in the church office at other times.

For further information, contact Pr. Ben Colahan at Faith Lutheran Church; or Joel Zimbelman at joelzimbelman@gmail.com


Weekly session schedule & presenters:

Wednesday 13 September: Session 1: The Road to Reformation: Europe and Luther’s Roman Catholic Church. Presenter: Joel Zimbelman, Faith Lutheran Church and CSU, Chico

Wednesday 20 September: Session 2: Who Was Luther? Presenter: Jamie Holmes, Faith Lutheran Church

Wednesday 27 September: Session 3: Luther’s Great Insight. Presenter: Rev. Ben Colahan, Faith Lutheran Church

Wednesday 4 October: Session 4: Luther’s Church: Catholic But Not Roman. Presenter: Rev. Ben Colahan

Wednesday 11 October: Session 5: The Reformation Explodes in Europe: Calvin, Menno, Knox, Zwingli, Henry VIII, and the Baptists. Presenter: Joel Zimbelman

Wednesday 18 October: Session 6: What Does Theology Have to do with the Way We Live: Marriage (and divorce), Sex, Women and Family, War, and Government in Luther’s Reformation. Presenter: Joel Zimbelman

Wednesday 25 October: Session 7: The Catholic Reformation. Presenter: Clark Colahan, Whitman College

Wednesday 1 November: Session 8: Luther’s 95 Theses in Film and the Modern Imagination. Presenter: Nicole Kenley, Faith Lutheran Church and Simpson University

Wednesday 8 November: Session 9: Children of the Reformation: Modern Protestant Denominations. Presenters: Jamie Holmes and Sherill Heinz, Faith Lutheran Church

Wednesday 15 November. Session 10: Lutheranism Around the World in the 21st Century: Semper Reformanda. Presenter: TBA

John Reed