Endowment Committee invites scholarship applicants

"One Gift, Many Benefits."

A Faith Lutheran Church Foundation has been in the hearts of some members of Faith Luther-an congregation for over 35 years. Money had been set aside in a fund that was designated for a foundation when that would happen. In 2012 the Church Council approved a Continuing Resolution that took the dream and established the structure for a foundation. In October 2014, money from the past and present was invested with InFaith Foundation (formerly Lutheran Community Foundation) in the amount of $25,000. Presently the fund has grown to $52,399. It is part of a fund that is over one billion dollars strong.

The InFaith Foundation has a mission that serves donors with integrity, as together we change lives and spread joy by sharing our blessings with the world. Its' vision is to impact throughout our community and by God's grace bring positive and lasting change. Its' values are rooted in a Christian faith that is welcoming. InFaith serves donors of many different denominations, faith traditions and diverse theologies. We celebrate God's grace and live our faith through giving that creates positive, effective and lasting change throughout our shared community.

The Endowment Committee, after Council approval, is inviting youth between the age of 15 and 21 to apply for a $1,000 scholarship for education or faith formation. The application form can be secured at the church office or downloaded here.
Be sure to save a copy to your computer before you begin filling out the application.

Applications are due by April 30 and the recipient will be announced at the end of May, 2018, along with scholarships given at the same time by the women of the church (Women's scholarship application info will be annouced at a later date).

There is another possibility for interested members to apply for scholarships since our en-dowment is managed by InFaith. Please go to the following website, which is at InFaith and begin the process. https://infaith.iphiview.com/infaith/Scholarships/HowtoApplyforaScholarship/tabid/582/Default.aspx . At this site you can apply those scholarships. If you have more questions please con-tact Bill Kees.

We are deeply appreciative of members who have contributed to this ministry in our church. We encourage other members to contribute to this fund with outright gifts and through a des-ignation in their will or trust. Remember small acts make our Church grow.

John Reed