Brochures, Newsletters, and Resources by Mail


Faith Talks
Faith Talks 
is our monthly newsletter. It is a hard copy that is mailed straight to your homes. This is ideal for people who don't often use the internet and want to stay connect to Faith. Content includes articles from the staff and council, updates on our facilities and renovations, monthly events, and even coloring pages for the kids (and creative adults!) If you don't receive Faith Talks and would like to, call the office at (530) 895-3754 or email us your address and ask for our newsletter!

Christ in Our Home
Christ in Our Home is a quarterly devotional including reflective readings and scriptures. You can pick one up at the office for $1. To learn more about this devotional, visit their website.

What's Happening at Faith?
What's Happening at Faith is a description of seasonal worship events, ministries, and other groups you can find at Faith Lutheran Church - - perfect for visitors or aspiring members! If you'd like to get to know Faith, then this booklet is highly recommended! Swing by the office to pick one up.


A Year in Review
A look back at the ministry of Faith Lutheran Church from July 2019 to June 2020


First Third of Life Review 2019-2020
A reflection on our ministry to children, teens, and college students at Faith Lutheran Church in 2020


Why We Need a New A/V System
An explanation of our current AV system and why we are raising money for a new one!