Faith Lutheran is invested in the lives of its youngest members, and believes faith formation is important as we grow and develop. This is true not just for young kids who go to Sunday School, or middle and high school youth who attend youth group and confirmation, but also for those in college and beyond. That's why this important ministry is called "First Third of Life": Faith Lutheran strives in this ministry to engage with folks ages 0 to 35.

Young Children
Ages 0-6

With our youngest age group, we offer Sunday School, during which we sing, pray, do art projects, and learn about God together. Our Children’s Worship Area is a natural extension of the learning that happens during Sunday School, and Director of Youth & Service Colter Murphy is working on teaching the children the different parts of our liturgy, starting with the Lord’s Prayer. Young kids also enjoy outings like the annual Easter egg hunt, disc golf, Christmas and Advent projects, and the Ash Wednesday Carnival.

Ages 6-12

Because this age group is so sparse at Faith Lutheran kids aged 6-12 are welcome to attend our Sunday school classes. Faith Lutheran also organizes outreach projects to kids in this age group, like Camp Noah, a national program built for children who experience trauma following a natural disaster. 

Ages 13-18

Our youth group consists of middle and high schoolers. We do everything from hiking to swimming to rock climbing to scavenger hunts to snowshoeing at Lassen to venturing through haunted corn mazes. Our even went to see the new Star Wars movie and had a theological discussion over pizza afterward! 

Young Adults and College Students
Ages 19-35

Faith Lutheran has a significant number of college students who regularly attend worship. Traditionally we enjoy having dinner together but during the pandemic, we continue to meet on Zoom. This age group goes on intergenerational events like snowshoeing and hiking as well as retreats to places like Dunsmuir where they could focus on centering, relaxation, and prayer.

Intergenerational Events
Kids and Grownups

Intergenerational events at Faith are for everyone - - kids, teens, and adults of all ages. From hiking at Bald Rock to Snowshoeing at Lassen to learning about land survival from Navy veteran and Faith member Susan Kimball, we always manage to think up ways to get together and explore Butte County!