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Starting on July 12th, Faith will be moving to a single in-person worship service outside in the courtyard at 8:30am and a dedicated live online service at 11am. This move will accomplish several things:
  1. Improved health safety for our congregation. Covid numbers are increasing in Butte County, and gathering outdoors is significantly safer than gathering indoors. 
  2. Improved production quality for our online service. Simultaneously running a service in-person while streaming it online is a major technical difficulty for our current AV system. A service dedicated solely to worshipping online will allow us to focus on the experience of those of you at home.
  3.  Reduce Worship Leader Needs. We will no longer need two sets of ushers and Welcome Table greeters.
  4. Beat the Heat. At 8:30am it is still cool enough to be outside. And our courtyard offers a significant amount of shade in the morning.
  5. Greater Unity. We can increase our total capacity outside to accommodate everyone who has been coming in-person to both services and still have room to grow.
For the time being, we will continue with all the protocols for health safety that we have been implementing, including RSVP, temperature checks, and mask wearing. However, moving outside may allow us to relax some of these protocols sooner than if we stay inside. 
We hope this outdoor service will have a fun summer camp feel. And whether you come in person or worship with us online, we are grateful for your presence as we continue our journey of faith together.