Mission Statement: A community reflecting God's love with a place at the table for everyone.

All are welcome at Faith whether you are a year old, 10 years old, or 100 years old; whether you are Black, white, Hispanic, Asian, or multicultural; whether you are gay, straight, bi, pan, or anything in between; whether you are male, female, cisgender, transgender, or nonbinary; whether you are partnered, married, divorced, separated, or single; whether you have or are suffering loss or addiction; whether you live in a house, apartment, or have no home...you are welcome!

Faith Lutheran Church of Chico is a Reconciling in Christ community and part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

Our congregation itself is comprised of peoples young and old with different talents and interests. We are fortunate to have folks share those talents with us, which is one of the reasons we have such engaging ministries. If you're new to the idea of "ministries," a ministry is a group of people who, through their faith, carry out acts of service. We have ministries who quilt, meet for coffee, volunteer at shelters in our community, build buildings in Mexico, bake, decorate, you name it! You can check them out online here or download What's Happening at Faith?, a printable brochure detailing annual events and ministries - - perfect for newcomers seeking to learn more! 

We hope you will consider joining us on this journey, and discover how the mystery of life is active with you.