"It is not good for us to be alone. That's literally what God says after making the first person. We are made to be in community." 

Small groups are groups of 6-12 people who meet regularly for mutual support and spiritual growth. They gather around various shared interests or needs, from parenting, to bible study, to walking in nature.  But no matter the type of group, the goal of each group is first and foremost building relationships with each other and God. 

Participate in activities and prayer as a group. If you’ve found yourself envious of the activities and fun our young adult group has been having, but you’re 40 or over, this group is for you. This group plans to meet twice a month to participate in fun activities like Hatchet House, art projects, tours, etc. Contact: Elise Gladu, (530) 520-4440.  


This is a conversation based group to help support the senior members of Faith Lutheran. Contact: Nola Dosch, (530)891-3575, or Veronika Kehoe, (530) 566-4798.  


Wilderness Worship meets one Saturday morning of each month, with a few exceptions to hike various trails and creeks in Nor Cal. Grow in your relationship with God and each other by noticing God’s presence in wilderness places. The hiking portion of each gathering will be one to two hours long on “easy” rated trails. Contact: Pr. Ben Colahan, (530) 895-3754.  


This group meets in the Fellowship Hall Monday nights from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM. The purpose of Art Play is to grow in our relationship to God and each other by collaborating and creating ways to enhance worship through visual art. Contact: Gayle Palys, (530) 520-4150.  


Our LGBTQ fellowship group meets once every three weeks for games, Bible study, food, and meaningful conversation. Contact: Michael Nicholson, (530) 895-3754, or Grace Mahannah, (530) 218-6636.  


The Quilters meet in the Fellowship Hall every Tuesday (except holidays) from 10am-noon. Contact: Char Miller, (530) 345-6825.


The men's breakfast occurs at 8am on Fridays at the Farmer’s Skillet. Come and engage in fellowship over breakfast. Contact: Howie Stensrud, (530) 896-0616. 


This group is for parents and toddlers/preschoolers hang out and play together. We meet twice a month on Saturdays. An interactive play item and a Bible Story or book related to a Bible story will be included for the littles, as well as lots of playtime! Parents can chat together and enjoy the company of each other. Older siblings are welcome! Contact: Dani at danifaithlutheran@gmail.com or by calling (530) 895-3754.


Come and try out "Time Out for Art," where you can take a little time out from day to day stresses and relax with art.  Join us on Monday from 1-4pm. Bring a notebook and a pen if you can, and if you can't, we have some spare paper in the office for you. Also bring an art project that you’d like to work on in any medium that you can transport to a classroom. Contact Sherrill Heinz at (530) 518-0433 if you have any questions. See you there! 


Our youth meet twice a month for adventure and fellowship. All of our junior high school and highschoolers are welcome to be a part of youth group! We also welcome family members to attend and help run activities, serve snacks, and adventure with us. Contact Dani, Director of Family Life if you or your child would like to join us: (530) 895-3754, danifaithlutheran@gmail.com. 


Young adults are 18-39 year-olds who meet twice a month. One meeting consists of an activity in which we compete to win the Blue Jacket, an article of clothing that a new winner can claim each month! The other meeting we have is our chill day: no competition, just food, hangout, movies, etc. This group loves meeting new people, so please reach out to Dani, Director of Family Life and come hang out. (530) 895-3754, danifaithlutheran@gmail.com. 

Have an Idea for a Small Group?

If none of these groups appeal to you, and you have an idea for a small group, we encourage you to fill out this form letting us know what you'd be interested in. Our staff can help you connect with others with similar demographics and interests.

Small Group Interest Form