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Stay up to date on worship, events, and activities by receiving Faith Talks, our monthly newsletter, delivered to you digitally or in print. You can browse through past editions here. If you'd like to get Faith Talks mailed to you or sent to your email each month, call the office at (530) 895-3754 or email us your name and address at office@chicofaithlutheran.org. 

Faith Talks is compiled, edited, and posted by officer manager Michael, and mailed by parishioner Judy Struck. Articles are written by various staff members, council people, parishioners, and guests.

THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT CONTENT IS THE 15TH OF THE MONTH PRIOR (e.g. content for January's edition must be received by Michael by December 15th.) Everybody is welcome (and encouraged to) submit content whether it's poetry, photos of church, something you did that made the news, articles, or anything you feel might be appropriate. When the angels said "do not be afraid," they weren't talking about submitting stuff to the newsletter, but the statement still applies! Don't be afraid to reach out with your proposed content; Faith Talks is a collaboration! 


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