Faith Lutheran Church members are enthusiastic learners. We host weekly and monthly Bible studies as well as Adult Christian Education classes. Our facility is used to host a multitude of diverse Osher Lifelong Learning Institution classes, or OLLI classes, for seniors looking to continue their education through CSU. We also host Sacred Conversations - - meaningful discussions on topics that call us to action featuring panelists of all walks of life, as well as queer and trans education, end of life planning, and of course New Members Classes! 

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Bible Study

Our Pastor's Bible Study takes place every Tuesday at 5pm. Here, we discuss how the pastor goes from the bible passages assigned each week to the Sunday morning sermon. Together, we study the upcoming Sunday’s bible passages with Pastor Ben and talk a little about history and context, then focus on using Martin Luther’s techniques for understanding how the bible addresses the needs and concerns of our community today.

Adult Christian Education

Faith Lutheran Church has been offering adult Christian education classes for 30 years. Join us for bible studies, discussions on a broad range of topics, ecumenical activities with other congregations, and more. These classes typically occur Sundays at 11am over Zoom. Check out our events page for Sunday classes!

New Member Classes

Are you interested in becoming a member of Faith Lutheran? Are you curious about where the Lutheran tradition comes from and what it teaches? Our classes cover intro to Lutheran theology, why we worship the way we do, how Lutherans read the Bible, historical origins of Lutheranism, Lutheranism as part of Christ's Body, similarities and differences between denominations, and the oragnizational structure of our denomination. You will also meet other Faith newcomers and get connected with long-time members so that you can better get to know our congregation. 

Osher Lifelong Learning Classes

OLLI offers noncredit classes for adults over 50, and some of our very own Faith members teach OLLI classes right here on campus! OLLI is hosted through CSU Chico. You can learn more or check out their catalogue of classes here. Check out the catalogue or call our office to find out which classes are currently in place on campus.