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Everhart Village: a Chico Housing Action Team & Butte County Behavioral Health collaborative project to house those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Over 20 BCBH residents will be eligible for housing by referral. These residents will receive case management by CHAT, connecting them to other useful programs and teaching them self-care skills. "The goal for Everhart Village is to bring Behavioral Health clients in, stabilize them, treat them, and give them the support needed to move into permanent affordable housing within about six months and be successful in society," says CHAT. 

CHAT is currently crowdfunding, turning undeveloped land into a paved, functional property. "The road into the property will be about 200 feet long, with a required “hammerhead” turnout so emergency vehicles can turn around. This road is VITAL for us to be able to move the sleeping cabins into the village. We estimate the total costs of this road will come to around $100,000 for the 200 foot total, or around $500/foot."

  • Earthwork/Grading: $ 53,000
  • Aggregate Paving: $ 28,000
  • Aggregate Pads: $ 16,000

Learn more, or support CHAT and BCBH in making Everhart Village a sustainable place to live for our unhoused neighbors