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Professor Don Heinz is teaching a new FACE class on Matthew 25 during the remaining four Sundays in January. Here’s something you could do right away, even if you can’t make the class: Open up your Bible at home and read Matthew 25:31-46. What do you make of Jesus’ last judgment story?          

The new FACE class meets right after church. Everyone will be masked. Please plan to come and help re-grow the long tradition of Sunday morning Adult study in Bible and contemporary Christianity. What else would you like to see? Here’s what you can expect in January:  

1. In Matthew 25, Jesus tells a “proof of the pudding” story about the life of Christianity.  Could this catch on in the life of the church in the modern world?

2. Some modern Christians see Matthew 25 as their “new conversion story” and have begun calling themselves “Matthew 25 Christians.” Could this become a new religious movement? What other “new movements” have shaped church history? 

3. Could Faith Lutheran become a “Matthew 25 congregation”? What would it take? How could we bring it off, if we wanted to? 

4. Commentators talk about the “history of Matthew’s effects over time.” Could Matthew 25 come true in modern Christianity? Even in government and society? Could a Christian social gospel become a new deal of social justice across the land?