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Perhaps the earliest Gospel in the New Testament, Mark’s synoptic overview of Jesus’ life and ministry is short, terse, energetic, theologically rich, and generates questions and discussions whenever it is read.  On November 29, we begin a new Church year (Advent is the first month of the year for Christians!), and our classes will focus on providing context and unpacking this year’s Gospel text.  Get a head start on all of the Gospel readings for the year!  

Join Pr. Ben, Joel Zimbelman, and other biblical readers and scholars as we explore Mark.  The class will be a great introduction to those who have not delved into its wonderful message; but returning readers can take this time to get reaquainted with great bible stories, parables, and bumbling disciples who at times don’t seem to have a clue about what is going on.  

November 29 - class begins with Pastor Ben’s overview of the Christian liturgical calendar—why we have one; how it was formed; what it tries to communicate to the believing community; and how it structures our lives for prayer, worship, and service.  

December 6 - the Introduction to Mark—what’s going on in Jesus’ jewish world; who is Mark; and why do we have four Gospels?  

December 13 - Who is Jesus, and who does he think he is?  

December 20 - Making disciples, launching ministry, working miracles  

January 3: Reading, explaining, and understandng parables for dummies  

January 10: The trial, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Join us HERE ON ZOOM using the passcode 667.