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When you come to church on Sunday, do you wonder who folded the bulletins? Who put togther the binders the pastor uses? Who changed the oil in the candles, or cleaned out the font?

Each Thursday, Denise Parkin and Carol Grandy come to church to prep for worship. This directly eases the burden on our worship they get to spend meaningful time together! Carol and Denise would like to invite you to share this time with them.

You don't need any knowledge about bulletins or binders or any other worship-related things. The gals will show you all the ropes. This is a great time to learn what goes into worship behind the scenes, and to relax and spend some time with church friends. Tasks are easygoing and enjoyable.

Each Thursday, a slot from 2-3 p.m. is available. All you have to do is sign up for this slot and come to the church Thursday at 2. To sign up, you can call or email the office, put your name down at the Welcome Table on Sunday, or let Faith's staff know in any way. We hope you'll consider joining Denise and Carol, and checking out the wonderful ways to help with worship!

Denise Parkin and Carol Grandy have both been teachers! Denise taught English to older students, and Carol taught elementary schoolers. Denise is a talented writer who enjoys hand-making rugs, and Carol enjoys arts, crafts, and music of all kinds. They are two awesome ladies you definitely want to get to know!