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“The Anxiety Opportunity:” An Online Class Explorian a Christian Response to Anxiety. This online class presents a surprising Gospel truth: that anxiety is a powerful opportunity to grow as followers of Jesus. We show you through brief recorded lectures, Bible study, and discussions how to take spiritual advantage of your fears and worries. You will learn to encounter Christ through your anxiety with the help of Scripture, physical practices, prayer, and new self-understandings. The first meeting is Wednesday, January 11 at 6:30 pm.This class is a collaboration with Bidwell Presyberian Church and is led by Pastor Ben's father-in-law, Steve Koch, a retired psychologist. If you are interested, contact Steve at You can find information about times and dates at:

You can go to the curriculum link below and play all or part of the first 60-minute class session.The first session is open and free to anyone. Ignore the "Buy this course" tabs. The church has already bought 20 "tickets" for the course.