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Anyone and everyone with a knack for craft and creation is welcome to come to the church on Tuesday mornings and join our quilting group for a lively blend of fellowship, personal craft time, and community service.

Fellowship includes coffee and snacks. Often times our quilters bring items to munch on and share, so please feel free to bring your own favorite snacks or drinks. Talk about how your week is going, and listen to others do the same.

Personal Craft Time includes whatever you'd like! Work on a quilt, crochet, sew, etc. 

Community Service is the highlight of the quilting group. Members sell their arts and crafts at least twice a year at bake sale/boutiques here at church. Money funds scholarships for graduating high school seniors, and helps them with university, junior college, technical school, or certificate programs. Money also goes to purchase transit tickets to help those without transport get to church. But the quilters' community service goes beyond that! Quilts are given to FLC members who move away, have a baby, get married, or have other big life events. Special projects have been done for police officers, firefighters, health care workers, the Jesus Center, and others in our community.