Faith Lutheran's staff is comprised of five payroll members and one volunteer. First, there is Pastor Ben Colahan who leads us in worship, Holy Communion, prayer, and Bible study. Next, there is Colter Murphy, Director of Youth and Service who organizes all kids, youth and intergenerational events along with all of Faith's community outreach. Luke Nicolay is our Director of Worship and Music and professional organist, leading our choir, contemporary worship team, and soloists during services. Michael Nicholson is our office and facilities manager, who oversees facilities maintenance, the website, all printable and downloadable documents, social media, and the office plants. Jeanette Joslyn is our awesome bookkeeper who takes care of bills and payroll. Then there is our intrepid volunteer, financial secretary, and church member Judy Struck, who graciously handles incoming funds as well as the vast majority of Faith's mailing. 

As it stands, there are 13 people who are a part of our church council. Our president and long-time Faith member, Joel Zimbelman, with the support of vice president Sky Sample, lead our council. Minutes are recorded by secretary Diane Knight, and the budget and finances are handled by treasurer Mark Kimmselshue. There are 9 active council members. Cindy Kampf, Meridith Woods, Sherrill Heinz, Susan Kimball, and Tricia Homesley have been serving since 2019. In 2020, we welcomed Doug DeSoto, Penny Melvin, Bonnie Pulliam, and Matt Reed onto the council. You can see individual staff and council members and read their biographies by clicking here.