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On November 11th, our nation honors those of have served in the United States Armed Forces. If you have a veteran in your life, take a moment with them and bless them with these words from the Lutheran Prayer Book for the Armed Services:

For everything there is a season.
A time for war and a time for peace.
A time for every activity under heaven.
For a season of life you gave up freedom to become a servant.
For a season of life you put the lives of others before your own.
For a season of life you sacrificed for the sake of others.
Your season of military service is complete,
yet your life in Christ knows no end.
In baptism Christ claimed you as his own
and grafted you into his servant body.
The burdens you carried in military service,
and those you carry now,
are not far from Christ but are taken by our Savior to the cross.
They are swallowed up in his death,
and you are raised with Christ to resurrection life.
We give thanks to God for your season of service
and for your life in Christ among us today.
May the One who gave you the will
to deny yourself, sacrifice, and serve,
bless you with faith, hope, and love all your days,
in the name of the Father, the  Son,
and the Holy Spirit.