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Whoosh! Just like that, the holidays are here and gone! This holiday was something different, despite the pandemic we found new ways to celebrate together; we found new ways to celebrate our Savior’s birth; we found new hope even when other hopes seemed to be dim; but most importantly we continued to praise and worship our great Creator!  

December was packed full for the worship and music teams/groups. We recorded, planned, decorated, brainstormed, laughed and worked alongside each other to create meaningful worship experiences for the entire congregation. At times this was hard because we weren’t sure how an idea would work out, or we weren’t sure if it was safe. Luckily, due to creativity from many great minds, we were able to come up with ideas that allowed us to create safe experiences for all.  

December included a phenomenal Live Nativity, a beautiful pre-recorded Christmas Eve service, lots of fantastic recordings for the services in Advent by many talented musicians/readers, and a beautiful, ever-changing heart by Gayle Palys that signified the growth of beauty from the brokenness of this year and from the human plight.   January is gearing up to be a wonderful and exciting month! Here’s the few things to be on the lookout for:  

1.      Bell choir will resume on Tuesday, January 12th at 4:30 PM. We will begin working towards Lent/Easter and general time as well. If you’re interested, please come and join us! We will continue to wear masks and social distance during rehearsals.

2.      Choir will continue to meet via zoom every other week. We will begin discussions for our next virtual choir anthem which will be taking place during both Lent and Easter.

3.      Music Team rehearsals/recording sessions will resume on Thursday, January 14th. If you’re interested in leading worship through music (for Sunday services), please let me know. I will share a link to a google doc that will allow you to sign up to help lead worship. We will continue to meet with the 3 guitarists and 1 vocalist each week.  

I want to thank each and every person who helped make this holiday season so special and meaningful. The number of people is far too great to thank individually here, but know that the giving of your time, resources, energy, help and (most importantly, I might add) your SMILES are appreciated beyond what words can convey. Cheers to the closing of one door and to the opening of the New Year and to many blessings on it!  

With love and gratitude, Luke Nicolay, Director of Worship and Music