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Wow! Here we are nearing the end of summer and the end of August too. It seems that I was just writing my previous Faith Talks article for July.  

July was packed with lots to do and August has continued on that same path. Each week new and exciting things happen with worship, new service ideas, arts, and more. This can’t be done without the help of a large crew of folks who graciously give of their time to enrich our worship together.  

August is shaping up to be an exciting time and there will be lots going on! I’d like to ask you for your help during this time. Throughout the end of June and July we focused our efforts on the outdoor service. We would now like to re-focus our efforts on the 11:00 AM livestream service and congregational presence throughout the service. This is where you come in! We’d love to have folks send in videos of themselves doing the passing of the peace, musical offerings for the offering, prayers, and readings. If you think that you’d be interested, please contact me at If you’d like to do this and don’t think that you have the technical capabilities or equipment, not to worry! We can help!  

In addition to refocusing efforts on the 11 AM service, the bell choir will be re-starting! If you’re interested and would like more information, want to sit in on a rehearsal, or just curious about the bell choir please let me know! The bell choir will begin working on some different hymns and arrangements on hymn tunes and will later move on to some repertoire as we feel comfortable. In addition, we will work together to further our music reading and understanding abilities. Rehearsals will be socially distanced, and each of you will have specific bells that you will handle to ensure that we limit the spread of germs.  

This is truly a time for creativity and excitement! While we may not be able to congregate together, the ways in which we are connecting with each other are so refreshing and imaginative. I look forward to what the future holds and to seeing what we will generate together as a creative community in Christ.  

Luke Nicolay, Director of Worship and Music