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Greetings, Faith Lutheran!

What an exciting time this is! Sunday, June 21st was our first in-person worship service. There’s so many exciting opportunities with the restarting of live services; these options include the outreach using new methods of worship (song, liturgy, etc.), new media for worship, and so much more. However, with all the excitement it also requires a rather large crew to put on the services and have them function smoothly. There are a number of ways to serve throughout the services and we need and would love your help. Below there is a list of the different roles to serve in, the number of specialists per service, and a brief description of the roles for the services. Here are the list of roles and the ways in which you can serve:

Audio/Visual Desk (2 team members per service)- A/V specialists will be trained on the audio and visual system to assist in the production of each service. These folks will work with the computer software (OBS- Open Broadcast System, which is our streaming service, ProPresenter 7- which contains all of the presentations that will have text, songs, lyrics, etc. that will stream live and online simultaneously) and the audio system. We’ve got a number of folks who are willing and able to train and are eagerly looking forward to working with you! If you would like more information or are interested in assisting, please contact Luke Nicolay at

Hospitality (Welcome table- 3 team members per service, 4 ushers/greeters per service)- The hospitality team is made up of the welcome table, ushers and greeters for each of the services. They serve in welcoming folks to the services, answering any questions about live worship and any other questions that members and visitors might have when attending services at Faith. The welcome table team will be the first group of people to greet and welcome folks as they arrive at services in the mornings. These team members will take temperatures, inform every one of the policies for live worship, chat about health symptoms, and answer any questions about the COVID-19 worship procedures. If you would like more information about the Welcome Table or are interested in helping, please contact Mary Schweder at The ushers and greeters will assist service-goers as soon as they finish up at the welcome table. Some of the duties include helping folks pick up instruments for the worship service, answering any last-minute questions about worship, and assisting people in where to sit at in the sanctuary during the services. If you would like more information or are interested in becoming an usher please contact Colter Murphy at

Cleaning Team (2 team members per service)- Cleaning team will help after services to get seating situated, sanitized, and prepared for the next service. Cleaning team will also help with the sanitizing of musical instruments for worship along with any disinfecting and so forth that might pop-up before or after the services. If you would like more information or interested with the cleaning team, please contact Luke Nicolay at

We are so thankful for each and every one of you and we look forward to seeing how you use your talents and gifts to enrich the life of this beautiful community.

Luke Nicolay, Director of Worship and Music