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Dear People of Faith,

With the rise of the new delta variant, Covid cases are increasing rapidly in Butte County and around the country. Even fully vaccinated people can become infected by the delta variant if exposed at high levels. Fortunately, vaccinated people generally experience milder, non-life threatening symptoms. But this means that vaccinated people may be able to transmit the delta variant without realizing that they are sick. The CDC and the State of California are currently highly encouraging, but not requiring, people indoors to wear masks regardless of vaccination status. Here at Faith Lutheran, we strive to follow the guidelines of the scientific community and our local leaders. As such, for the time-being, masks are still optional for fully-vaccinated individuals, but we highly encourage everyone to wear a mask in worship whether or not they are vaccinated. We also encourage people in groups of five or more meeting indoors at Faith to wear masks. Our singers, though all fully vaccinated, will be wearing masks. The church staff and I will resume weekly Covid testing. Our goal is to keep our congregation safe, and we will continue updating our policies as the situation changes. Out of love for our neighbor, please do your part to keep our community healthy by wearing masks when indoors in large groups, getting vaccinated if you are able, and most of all, praying for our community and world. 
-Pastor Ben