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Despite COVID-19, Faith Lutheran's youth and families have continued to find ways to connect and engage in service. 

Our youngest age group meets every week for our Kids Call, an online video call full of fun! We sing together, do breathing exercises, pray, hear a bible story, and do basic crafts. This has been a great way for our youngest folks to connect with God and one another.

Our youth group met in-person recently for an outdoor youth event. It was the first in-person youth event since April, and it was great for all of us to gather together. Mason, Lily, Mit, and Julian joined Pastor Ben, Colter, and Luke to wash the exterior windows of the church that face the parking lot. There was quite a bit to clean, given a summer's worth of dust and soot from the wildfires. After they finished cleaning, we enjoyed some tasty s'mores and fellowship together. We even got a chance to meet Pastor Ben and Annalisa's new puppy, Eva! 

Our confirmation cohort has been busy at work writing their statements of faith in preparation for an official spring ceremony when they will be confirmed as official voting members of the church. They look forward to sharing these statements with all of you! 

By the time this article goes to print, the youth will have met another time for a bonfire out at the Massa Organics Farm. We'll also be gearing up for our December youth event, which is the Advent Workshop on December 5th! This event is not just for youth, but for folks of all ages.

If you're interested in reserving a table and doing crafts with us, please contact myself of Michael. This will be a reservation-only event.  

Our college group has been understandably hesitant to meet for in-person events, and so instead we have been watching movies together (but in our own homes). Last month we watched A Knight's Tale, and this month we'll watch Enola Holmes. These movie nights are a fun way for us to connect with each other and bond over what we're watching, while still respecting each other's health and safety. 

Thank you to all of you who continue to support Faith's youth and families! 

Colter Murphy, Director of Youth and Service