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Home & Heart is an affordable housing solution that matches adults in Butte County who have a room to share, with individuals in need of affordable housing. While we prioritize services for older adults, our program is open to all eligible adults who have room to share (home providers) or those seeking affordable housing (home seekers). Home share participants receive support throughout the life of the match including mediation or assistance with renegotiating the living together agreement as needed.

Here is a list of the folks currently looking to homeshare:

We have a housing opportunity located on an orchard in Los Molinos. Our Home Providers are married and looking for extra support around the home. They are offering a separate three-bedroom house to rent out for free in exchange for companionship, cooking, housekeeping, transportation, grocery shopping, and laundry.  These providers are looking for an individual or family who would have the ability to cook regular meals and be around to provide respite care. They have one dog, one cat and are not accepting pets. The future housemate must be vaccinated. No smoking, females preferred.  

This Provider is an 89-year-old male seeking a housemate to accompany him in his 2 bed/ 2bath home located in Orland. This Provider is looking for a companion to provide help with preparing meals, housekeeping, transportation, pet care, grocery shopping, and laundry.

This Provider loves to be outside though he struggles with his eyesight. He is hoping to find someone who would be willing to spend their mornings together chatting at the local donut shop. He is looking for a mixed arrangement and is asking $300/month in rent and about 10 hours/week in help around the home.  Open to males and females, no pets, must have transportation.

We are looking to match a 68-year-old male Provider who lives on a quiet and peaceful acre of land in Oroville. This Provider is offering a free space to park a 5th wheel, in exchange for companionship, cooking, housekeeping, security, transportation, and help with grocery shopping. The Provider enjoys fixing things, home improvement, working on his van, and gardening. This Provider also has space on his property to offer someone with a travel trailer and is offering IHSS hours to those who are certified. Open to males and females, no pets.

We are looking to match a 60-year-old female who lives in a quiet neighborhood in Oroville. She is open to a mixed arrangement for $400/month and about 7 hours/week in help. For the mixed arrangement, she would be seeking help with housekeeping and yard work. This Provider is looking forward to being a first-time grandma, she enjoys biking, and working with her hands. Smoking permitted outside, no pets, open to both male and female.

This Provider is an 82-year-old female who lives in a newly built home in Oroville. She is offering a private bedroom in exchange for $400/month and about 7 hours/week in help with providing companionship, meal preparation, pet care, yard work, grocery shopping, and housekeeping. This Provider prefers a Spanish speaking female but is open to others. She is looking for someone active in the community and enjoys painting, taking walks, and making occasional trips to the casino. Female and male considered, no pets, no smoking.

We are looking for a housemate to match with an older couple who needs assistance to age in place. This couple lives in a beautiful home nestled into a safe and quiet neighborhood in North Chico. They are hoping to find a retired female to help with providing around 15-20 hours/week in services such as preparing and sharing meals, housekeeping, grocery shopping and providing companionship in exchange for room and board. This couple enjoys singing in a choir, practicing spiritual studies, and the male provider has a passion for bike riding. They would prefer a single female and would consider small pets.

We are seeking to match a 93-year-old male who lives in a 4 bed/ 2 bath home. He is looking for a single individual or couple who would be willing to help with household tasks such as meal preparation, transportation, housekeeping, companionship, and grocery shopping for partial rent. This provider is willing to negotiate rental costs for the right fit. He has a passion for historical art, good workmanship, and sailing and is hoping his new housemate would have similar interests. This provider has one cat named Smokey and would consider a cat or a small dog on a case-by-case basis. The home has a lovely backyard with a swimming pool and hot tub that the housemate would be permitted to use. Open to males and female, no smoking permitted, requires covid vaccination.

This provider is an 82-year-old male who is seeking a housemate in Corning. He is looking to exchange free rent for a private bedroom in exchange for help around the house including providing companionship, meal preparation, housekeeping, pet care, and laundry. He enjoys watching TV and movies and enjoyed fishing and hunting when he was younger. This provider is bedridden and receives caregiving services by professionals throughout the week. Open to males and females, smoking permitted outside, no pets.

We are looking to match an 85-year-old female who lives in a senior mobile park on a quiet side of town. She is asking $350/month in rent and about 10-15 hours/week of help with companionship, reminders, housekeeping, and transportation. This provider is an active community member who has a passion for tutoring developmentally disabled children, political activism with woman’s groups, and writing. This provider was a model back in her day and still has an infectious charm. This provider is new to the area and can benefit from having a new companion in her life. She is hoping to find a housemate that has good personal cleanliness and can carry on a good conversation with. Although she is open to people of all ages and gender, she would enjoy a younger female. No smoking, no pets.