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Due to falling temperatures and rising Covid rates in Butte county, the congregational council has decided to suspend in-person services. This Sunday's online service will be at the scheduled time of 11am. Starting Nov. 22nd, the online service will move to 9:30am and will remain at that time through the end of the year. Once the new A/V system is up and running (likely mid-December), if the county's Covid tier is encouraging, we will begin welcoming the general congregation to worship in-person at the 9:30am service that is livestreamed. 

We know that there are many people who yearn to gather in-person for worship. The council came to this decision as our best solution to uphold three values: 1) keep the congregation safe, 2) keep the worship time consistent no matter the fluctuations in Covid numbers, 3) allow for future possibility of in-person worship. 

As we move into the Advent season, the staff is preparing multiple opportunities for our community to spend time in the sanctuary in smaller numbers, as well as a spectacular Christmas Eve celebration. Please look to the December Faith Talks for more information.