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As of right this very moment, we will be counting our volunteer hours from outside AND inside the church! Outside-the-church volunteering can include things like making meals for the Torres Shelter, serving at an animal shelter, helping Safe Space, pickup up litter at the park, or playing music at a retirement home. Inside-the-church volunteering can include anything service-related whether it's folding bulletins, helping in the office, prepping for worship on Sunday, cleaning, or anything in between. If you are volunteering your time to help the Chico, church, or global community, it counts! Yes, singing in the choir, playing bells, hosting coffee hour, pulling weeds, whatever you do to volunteer your time at church. Count those hours! No matter what city, state, or country, count your hours.

There are two ways to record your hours. First is to use the form you will be provided at church this Sunday. Fill it out and place it in the offering plate. The second way is to email Steve Hall at with your hours. Let him know your name, where you served, and how long you served for.

If you miss a week at church, you can wait until the next Sunday to report your hours, or send Steve an email. Also, if you give blood during this time, we will count 10 hours per donation!

Let’s all volunteer either at our own church, outside the church, or both, and help make our church and community a better place for all!

God’s Blessings, The Faith Lutheran Church Equipping Team