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Pastor Ben's mother, Patricia, has purchased a home in Chico! But she won't be living here until she retires in another 5 years or so. In the meantime, she is renting it out at cost to Chico Housing Action Team (CHAT). CHAT in turn is using the 4 bedroom house to provide housing for low-income people with medical needs who would otherwise be at risk of living on the streets. They are calling the house, "Mercy House," and are looking for folks who would be willing to be a companion to one of the people living there. During the pandemic, the companion's role would be to call their individual once a week to see how they are doing. The companion may also help get groceries delivered and may help coordinate transportation via B-Line Paratransit depending on the individual's need. After the pandemic is over, the companion would do a weekly visit to spend time with their individual. Currently, we are asking for a 6 month commitment. Our church team will be collaborating with CHAT and members of Congregation Beth Israel who have also expressed interest in being part of this support project.