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Hello everyone, Michael here! I've gotten a couple calls recently asking if we're still printing Faith Talks and if so, where did July's edition go?

Yes, we are still printing Faith Talks. July's edition was printed and mailed on Friday, June 26th, which was right on time. About a week, week and a half later, we got word that all of them had been sent to Sacramento and had stayed there by mistake. We were told that the postal service would mail them as quickly as possible. As of today folks are still letting me know that they haven't received theirs.

Firstly I would like to apologize. I take pride in diligence, ask any of the poor folks on the receiving end of my monthly "gimme your article!" reminders. Secondly, I have uploaded a PDF of Faith Talks which you can find on our Resources page. We will still mail hard copies of Faith Talks every month, but in the event that there's a mishap like in July, I will also be uploading a pdf version to the Resources page. The pdf is available to view and/or download in full color!

And a quick thank you to Judy Struck for handling our bulk mailing, and to Arlene Button, Iva Bryson, and Ruth Coutts who have been folding from their homes during shelter in place. Faith Talks wouldn't exist without all of their help!

Thank you all for your patience and contant encouragement. August's Faith Talks will be printed and folded next week, so you can expect it before August 1st.