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Dear People of Faith,

On August 19th, Thursday afternoon, one of our staff members tested positive for Covid. The rest of the staff, all of whom work closely together, were also tested on Thursday, but we will not have results back until Saturday at the earliest. All the staff are fully vaccinated, and are doing well physically, but the possibility that we may transmit Covid is real.  Indeed, after a year and a half with no members at Faith contracting Covid, the past few weeks have seen several members of our community, all of them vaccinated, test positive. We give thanks that the vaccine has meant that all these members have had mild symptoms, but it is clear that the Delta variant is spreading rapidly.

As such, the council has decided that worship this Sunday will be online only. Please spread the word and encourage people to watch online at 9:30am at

I know this is heartbreaking for many of us. After months of social distancing we were finally able to gather and connect in-person. The grief at the loss of physical community and the despair that we will return to lock-down are natural reactions. I do not know what the future will bring with regards to Covid, but I know these past 18 months have taught us to connect with each other in new, creative, and meaningful ways. We have learned from and grown through this time of trial; the Holy Spirit has been at work strengthening us as the body of Christ. Though individually we may feel weary, it is God who will carry us through, holding us together in love. 

Your brother in Christ, Pastor Ben