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September is usually the month when, after a summer of mission trips, camps, and pilgrimages, Faith regroups to kick off its fall programming. Our mission trips, camps, and pilgrimages were cancelled this year, but September will still be a month where Faith regroups!

In his President’s article, Joel Zimbelman talks about some of the great ways that Faith will be encouraging people to connect online during the fall. But we recognize that for many people connecting over the internet is technologically challenging and/or emotionally unfulfilling. This is particularly true for many of our most venerable members of Faith who are also our most vulnerable to Covid.

This fall, we will be trying out a few new programs designed to maximize in-person relationships while minimizing Covid dangers. In particular, we are looking to embrace the cutting-edge technology of the 1950s: drive-ins! We’ve purchased a short-range FM transmitter so that we can broadcast directly to your car radio when you park in our parking lot. For our first drive-in event, we’ll do Bingo on Wednesday, Sept 16th at 10am in the church parking lot.  All you need to do is drive up! We’ll slip you bingo cards through your window and I’ll broadcast bingo numbers and bible-based humor through your radio! If you win, honk your horn and flash your lights!

On Friday, Oct 2nd at 7pm we will also do a family drive-in movie night! On the side of the church, we’ll project The Sandlot, a comedy about a summer of friendship and adventure during which one boy becomes part of a team. Nine boys become best friends and their leader becomes a legend by confronting the terrifying mystery beyond the left field fence. The event will be free and open to the public. So bring your car, your snacks, and invite your friends!

We are also considering opening our courtyard to events beyond Sunday morning worship. One possibility is a time of fellowship either in the morning for coffee or in the evening with iced tea. People would be encouraged to bring their own beverage and lawn chair or picnic blanket, though we would have chairs available for any who need them. However, we aren’t sure if there would be interest in this type of event.  If you would be interested in sitting out, socially distanced and wearing masks, in the courtyard for fellowship, either in the morning or the evening, please contact the office and let us know. We are particularly interested in hearing from the senior members of our congregation.

This is a challenging time for everyone. Our new mission statement is to be “a community reflecting God’s love with a place at the table for everyone.” Jesus is always present with us, surrounding us with love. But sometimes when we are isolated it’s hard to see him. As a congregation, we want to make sure each person can see and experience the presence of Christ’s light in their life, no matter their health risk or access to technology. So thank you for all that you do to help us creatively connect with one another and reflect God’s love during these challenging times.

Your Brother in Christ,
Pastor Ben Colahan