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It's that time again! Make sure to reserve a spot in the directory by Monday, October 11th.  

How do I reserve a spot? By filling out a form and sending it to the office, you have officially reserved your spot and don’t need to do anything else. A form has been mailed to you, but you can also fill one out online here. You can also scan and send a form to, or fill one out in person at the office. Please do not call the office to have Michael fill one out over the phone; he is hard of hearing and kindly requests you submit your info via paper so he knows it's correct.  

What about photos? The form gives you four options: have your photo taken on campus, send in a photo, use one from the last directory, or opt out of photos. You can start sending photos in now; the cutoff date will be in November, TBD. Photos should be emailed to, and must be square (or Michael must be able to crop the people in the photo so they fit into a square frame.) If you're getting your photo taken on campus, we'll contact you in October and let you know when photo day is.