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Each week, Pastor Ben will send out reflection questions based on the previous week's sermon. These questions are to encourage you to connect the scriptures to your own life and to invite you to grow deeper in your relationships with others at Faith by discussing the questions together. 

You can listen to the sermon on which they are based here. 


1) Share a story of a time when you envied someone. What about that person did you envy? If you no longer envy that person, tell how you came to stop envying them.
2) Name something that is unique about who you are that you are for which you are grateful.
3) When you are tempted to distort your identity, reject your identity, or doubt your identity, what gives you the strength and faith to stay true to who you are?
And a bonus question from our Ash Wednesday service!
4) There is a saying, "unspoken expectations are premeditated resentments." What unspoken expectations have been leading to resentments in your life?