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St. Francis Day is Oct. 4th! On this day we give thanks for God's gift of animal companionship. Unfortunately, due to the smoke, we will not have an in-person blessing of the animals this year. But our animals are still a blessing to us and we will still bless them! And so we need your help. Please film yourself blessing your animals with the following blessing:

Step 1: Place a hand on your animal (ideally on the animal's head, but with squirmy animals, any part will do)
Step 2: Say, "[ANIMAL'S NAME], may you be blessed in the Name of God who created you, and may you and the people who care for you enjoy long life, good health, and rejoice in sharing Christ's love. Amen."
Step 3: Trace the sign of the cross on the animal with your thumb.
Step 4: Upload the file by clicking on this link.
Please film a little before and after the blessing so we get a good look at your animal friend! 
And please send in the video by Monday, September 28th so that we can include it in the Oct. 4th worship service.