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This past Saturday, our synod elected a new bishop, the Rev. Dr. Megan Rohrer! You may read articles about Bishop-Elect Rohrer on NPR or The New York Times noting that Megan is the first openly trans bishop in any major US denomination and that their pronouns are they/them. Some of you may recognize Megan's appearance as a spiritual advisor on the Netflix Show, Queer Eye. And while Bishop-Elect Rohrer's gender-identity will hopefully be a beacon that proclaims to people who have felt marginalized or excluded from the church that they are welcome in our congregation, our bishop is so much more than their gender. Our new bishop currently serves as a police chaplain, feeds people living on the street, and also conducts a choir made up of those same people living without shelter. Megan is the parent of two adopted children. But most importantly, Bishop-Elect Rohrer loves Jesus and has an incredible gift for communicating the gospel in simple and life-change ways, including summarizing the gospel on post-it notes. The main role that bishops have is determining who can be a pastor in a synod and facilitating the process of congregations calling new pastors. As I have no intention of Faith needing a new pastor anytime soon, this new change in bishop will likely not have a large impact on those of us in Chico. But I have a feeling that I will be sharing with you more words from our bishop in future as this gifted preacher and faithful servant of Christ invites us to consider how Lutheran congregations in northern California and Nevada can better work together to live out the love of Jesus.