9 Pentecost

Each week, we provide questions based on the sermon. These questions are to encourage you to connect the scriptures to your own life and to invite you to grow deeper in your relationships with others at Faith by discussing the questions together. 

Readings: HEBREWS 11:1-3, 8-16, LUKE 12:32-40

Sermon: We want to see the heavenly treasure we store up by serving others, so Jesus shows us that our heavenly treasure is the people we serve. 


1) When have you acted with conviction towards a future you can't yet see? 
2) What is your hope as a follower of Jesus? 
3) What gives you assurance of the hope you have in Jesus?
4) What is one object you already own and which you love, that you could give to someone else so that your treasure and heart might be with that person?