16 Pentecost

Each week, we provide questions based on the sermon. These questions are to encourage you to connect the scriptures to your own life and to invite you to grow deeper in your relationships with others at Faith by discussing the questions together. 

Readings: JEREMIAH 32:1-3A, 6-15, LUKE 16:19-31

Sermon: While we are tempted to use wealth to carve chasms between ourselves and people we don't want to deal with, Jesus uses God's riches to create connections with the lost and forsaken. 


1) When has having access to money allowed you to avoid what would otherwise be a major problem? 
2) When has someone's generosity toward you created a unique opportunity for connection? 
3) How could you use what wealth you have to create a connection with someone with whom you don't feel you have a connection? How could you use what money you have to invest in a community that is often overlooked?