25th Sunday after Pentecost

Each week, we provide questions based on last Sunday's sermon. These questions are to encourage you to connect the scriptures to your own life and to invite you to grow deeper in your relationships with others at Faith by discussing the questions together. 

Readings: 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11, Matthew 25:14-30

Sermon: We get so worried that we might lose our life that we don't use our life; but Jesus is willing to lose his life so that we might use ours. 


1) When have you traded for something instead of buying it? How did the trade turn out?

2) When have you been entrusted with something that was both a treasure and a liability?

3) When have you been tempted to bury your talents instead of using them?

4) What talent do you feel God calling you to make more use of?