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Life is full of “hard choices” about our vocational decisions, who to spend our lives with, and a host of personal daily challenges. Many personal moral principles and practical motives inform these choices.  And occasionally there are things to be learned about choosing (or not choosing) from the conversations of past thinkers or even the people that we know from our own lives.  Find out how two great thinkers – Mark Twain and Pastor Ben’s great, great, great grandfather – thought about these questions! Our series begins with a dramatic reading and imaginative debate that these two thinkers might have had in 1895 (based on actual documents) in the form of an entertaining conversational play written by Pastor Ben’s dad, Clark Colahan.  

Sunday, Nov. 8th ~  Clark himself will reenact the debate! For those that want to read the play ahead of time (with background information on Twain’s and Clark’s decisions) you can find it here or email Joel or Michael for a physical copy. There is an abridged version and a longer version to choose from, plus some notes on the topic by Clark. Reading is not required; just join us for the event if you like!  

Sunday, Nov. 15th ~ We’ll shift our attention to the present, and explore how members of various professions make decisions today. Hear several from our own community discuss how they make those choices in their lives. You will have time to ask questions and join the town hall.  

Sunday, Nov. 22nd ~  We’ll take up this debate in the context of our Christian and Lutheran heritage.  Jesus (and Luther following him!) call us to say “yes” to God’s abundant grace.  But how free are we really to choose our religious salvation? Get the low down, and the high up, from Pastor Ben and other folks who have given it plenty of thought.  

We teach all sorts of FACE classes, and this one promises to have some enjoyable philosophical discussions at its heart. If you enjoyed our recent series on Celtic Christianity with John Newell and Bill Kees, you will be just as fascinated by these sessions!  Questions?  Call Joel Zimbelman at (530) 520-9608 or email .

Log in on Zoom at 11am by going to with the passcode 667