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Hello Faith! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve seen your faces (well, the parts that aren’t covered anyway!) It’s a hard to accept that we’re surpassing ½ a year of mask-wearing, no in-person worship, and no indoor facility rentals. When you come into the office, you get to check in on the staff and on the campus. Even our “regulars” (musicians, people dropping off offerings, etc.) are in-and-out. I want to take a moment to paint a picture of what things have been like managing the facility and working with the staff during the last 6 months.  

When the pandemic started, the staff didn’t know what to think. How long were we supposed to suspend in-person worship? How long was this going to last? None of us – and by us, I mean everyone in the country, everyone across the globe – could have grasped the impact Covid would make. And although our staff sometimes needs to make difficult decisions or endure exhausting days, you have given us valuable insights over these last few months that we wouldn’t have realized if not for the pandemic.  

Patience and support. You reach out to us often, letting us know that we’re doing our best and that our effort is appreciated. Sometimes we feel like our work is sloppy, or like we’re firing from the hip. We don’t intend to be sloppy of course, but when we commit to a decision and have to change it the next day because of unforeseeable reasons like poor air quality, we regret our inability to be consistent. So thank each of you for your patience as we all do our best to encourage one another.  

Technological know-how. Each of the staff (and several of you) are learning more than we ever thought we’d learn about technology. As a result, we’re upgrading our A/V system, and all Faith audio and video in the future will have much clearer quality not just throughout the pandemic, but for years, decades after.  

Facility care. Many of our staff, council, and members have had more time to poke around the facility and find issues that need addressed. Some things are minor like our lawn needing a little more attention or the windows needing to be cleaned. Others issues, like the roof needing repairs, our lack of a functional A/V system, are larger. Addressing these items has significantly improved the quality of the building, and that includes our new signage, fresh paint on the benches, and our building being power-washed. When we are able to see each other again, I’m confident that you will be pleased with the state of our facility.  

As far as my personal work goes, I’ve been able to tackle several large projects, like building our new website. Our website’s resource page contains the most up to date Faith Talks, What’s Happening at Faith 2020 complete with ministry directory, video resources, Pride Ministry resources, and more. The News and Events on our website are continually being updated, and I guarantee you will find new content every single week.

  So thank each and every one of you for the support you have shown the staff during the pandemic. We love you and look forward to seeing everyone together again in the future.